About Us

Allison Custom Homes, LLC is committed to building homes with the highest level of craftsmanship in the Texas Gulf Coast Area. Since 1998, they have constructed homes that meet and exceed the Texas Department of Insurance Windstorm Codes. They pay special attention to the intricate details throughout the building process. Allison Custom Homes attributes their success to making customer service their #1 priority.

If you are considering building a new custom home, you owe it to yourself to make the best possible educated decision. Allison Custom Homes understands every concern about building a new home and making your dream home a reality. They strive to do their very best to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable throughout the building process. They accredit their constant growth to referrals from satisfied customers. This is why they place such high value on their client-builder relationship. Please contact Allison Custom Homes to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans and your future. You will be glad you did!

Management Team

Grant Allison has been involved in the construction business since 1987, when he graduated from Texas A & M. He worked with the Texas Department of Insurance as a windstorm inspector until he retired in 1998. This was the perfect pre-requisite for building custom homes and starting Allison Custom Homes, LLC.

Crystal Allison has been in the construction business since 1998 when she and Grant married. Crystal's exposure in the field and her attention to detail is what keeps the office and jobs running smoothly. With many projects constantly in progress, this is an invaluable aspect of the business. Her natural ability for design and color are just some of many things she contributes to the homeowner.

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