The Process

Allison Custom Homes, LLC, is a customer based business with friendly, trustworthy, and dependable personnel. Allison Custom Homes would be excited to help you get started building your new dream home.
Here are the main steps to getting started:

Find a Location

  •  Review Setbacks, Easements, Topography (slopes), Views and the Sun's Exposure

  •  Your Relationship to other houses in the area/neighborhood including HOA's

  •  Driveway, Well/Septic Tank Location or Distances for utility lines with municipal services

Flooring Wooden Floor

Pick a Plan

  • Determine your budget

  • Think about your lifestyle

  • Assess your needs and desires

  • Evaluate the building location

  • Review the Floor Plans and Elevations (but remember you will also need at least a Foundation Plan and Windstorm Certification)

Couple and Architect

Obtain Financing

  • Determine how much you can (want to?) spend

  • Establish square foot costs in your area and get Preliminary Bids

  • Make sure you consider at least these four items: principal, interest, taxes and insurance

  • Adjust square footage, extras, and upgrades to meet your spending limit

  • Obtain Your Credit Information

  • Gather Key Documents required by Lenders

  • Sit down with your Mortgage Specialist and Pre-Qualify


Get and Compare Bids

  • Compare allowances: Get the most out of your bid

  • Do not choose a builder solely based on a preliminary price

  • Be cautious of comparing only bottom line prices

  • Level set the bids to compare equally as best as you can

Flooring Wooden Floor

Pick a Contractor

  • Adjust Allowances as needed

  • Revise specs to align with your requirements

  • Get a revised formal bid to provide the Lender

Couple and Architect


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